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Research has shown that when students take ownership of their own progress through data tracking, student achievement increases.  This app allows students and parents to track ongoing assessments, attendance, behavior, and assignments.  It gives students and parents a visual reference to goals, action steps and progress charts.  There is also a feature that allows the student to email their results to their parents after each update.

Would you like to know where you stand on assessments?  Would you like to know how your students are doing on assessments without all the paperwork?  Would you like to be able to keep parents informed?  Would you like to have all your students’ information at the touch of a finger?  The Data Notebooks App is the answer.

  • Agenda
  • Behavior
  • Absences
  • Goal setting
  • Action steps
  • Records assessments
  • Graphs assessments
  • Graphs baseline data
  • Graphs goal data
  • Share with parents or teacher
  • Archive year to year
  • Print notebook for records
  • Customize

GIVE YOUR CHILD something that will follow them through school

  • Developed by Professionals
  • Real Life classroom use
  • Use year after year

“MY KIDS LOVE seeing their progress!”

"My kids are homeschooled so it is super important that we stay organized with their ongoing achievements.  The Data Notebooks app is just what we need to create a highly visual way for my kids to enter in their information.  They love the way the app takes their data and automatically puts it into an easy to read bar graph"

-Home School Mom Of Three

Data Notebooks
Digital Notebooks Unique To Each Student

Includes Digital Agenda

Follows your child from year to year.

App Avail for ipad

The lite version allows you to try out the Data Notebook and Agenda app with the ability to add one subject tab. 

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Data Notebook & Agenda


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